UAV Design & Build

We do something that other operators out there don’t do.

We can create specialist use UAV’s, to get that tricky job done. Large or small, fast or slow, high or low in tight spots, we can create the drone you need.

For example, if you need pH values taking from a remote location, and soil samples bringing back, we can create you a drone that will do just that for you. Or perhaps if you need to inspect the inner area of a centimeter wide gap in an inaccessible spot in a warehouse roof, we can help with that.

We’ve taken a moment showcase what’s possible with a new unique design, showcasing our aerodynamics, electronics and engineering knowledge.

The areas we cover:

All of them: We work out power curves, heat generation, power loss, usage, amperage requirements and flight times. We design the air-frame, spec the parts down to the last screw and electrical connection, and then build it all for you. We are not a manufacturer of drones, we simply help you tick the box for your particular job. We will then build and test the system and eliminate any issues before it is put into service.

The video below shows a design we completed earlier this year: testing will take place over this winter in an safe indoor environment.

Each of the following specifications were met for this UAV design:

  • Have a diameter of no more than 350mm (~14inches)
  • Have inherent stability enabling a stationary hover in a GPS denied environment
  • Be no more than 500g (unladen)
  • Have the ability to lift (and hover with) a 500-gram payload
  • Be able to hover with this payload for 5 minutes or more (1kg in air)
  • The design must incorporate propeller guards
  • The air-frame be produced using 3D printing or laser cutting
  • Be strong enough to provide a reasonable service life
  • Be replicable for under £100, including air-frame (re)production, not including sensors (cameras, etc)
  • Use readily available stock (off the shelf) components from one UK supplier
  • Components must be ordered in one shipment from one supplier

We have extensive documentation for this design,
as we do for all things we create.

We currently are working on a range of projects, and are looking for use cases to fulfill in the new year (2019). If you have an application you need fulfilling that you feel might require something out of the ordinary, get in touch via our contact page and we’ll start the conversation.

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