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Educational sessions – exciting, engaging tutorials.

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Get your students and pupils up to speed with drones! Drone Factor has a range of activities to suit your school or college. We’ll show kids and teenagers how to safely enjoy using drones through guided activities and presentations. There are a range of activities from route planning and testing, flight simulators and mini drone racing in the school hall! Teachers will want to see this too! This is a great way to get the kids interested in programming, design, electronics and learning about developing new technologies.

An Overview Workshop

Drone Factor is all for education. For activity centres, scout groups, schools and colleges, Drone Factor has pre-packaged tutorial sessions to provide an insight into drone technology, and the uses of it. Sessions are ready to go with lesson plans that OFSTED will be more than happy with. The leader for the day is a teacher; PGCE qualified (graded at a 1 in 2017 by Ofsted) and is ready to provide a tutorial session up to two hours long with your students.

We incorporate some or all of the following (dependent on level):

  • Equality & Diversity – Drone ethics and use
  • Maths – Speed, direction, velocity, electronics
  • British values – Designers and companies using drones
  • English skills – Radio (walkie talkie) use and fun activities
  • Employability – How to get a job with drones
  • Technology & Science – Big drones, space rockets and satellite technology.
  • Team work – Learners will have the opportunity to work in teams throughout the sessions, working together for a common goal.

Pilot classes brought to you!

In addition to the tutorials, we’re able to continue the learning in a practical way – we can provide a half day educational activity session in which your learners will be able to show off their flying skills in a series of exciting, high speed races, testing agility and skill.

All students will have a blast flying our mini racing drones around a course set by them! The session will come with it’s own lesson plan (sent ahead) and will result in a group of students raring to learn more about aeronautics and technology!

Prizes and ceremonies will crown the winners at the end of the session!

Copter Kids

Do the kids need something new to do in the evenings? How about flight school? This innovative and unique course will show trainees how to fly and be safe with drones, potentially paving the way for a future career in drone tech.

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