Missing no more

Sometimes we take poochy out for a walk, and we sometimes find the little devil goes a bit more than walkies. We always wonder how the devil they manage to go missing so fast! They do have four legs after all. Sometimes we look, and call and find them searching in circles for hours, only to realise they have scarpered so far we can’t get them back and our voices are hoarse. If this happens to you, before you leave the forest or fields, do this:

  1. Note your location, using an app like Google Maps/Apple Maps on Android/iOS. If you can’t figure this, don’t worry, you can put a general location description in the form too.
  2. Copy your GPS coordinates and head over to the DSR EMERGENCY SERVICE REQUEST form, where you can immediately paste that coordinate into the box… this will speed up finding woofy.
  3. Fill out the remainder of the form, and press send.

At this point, all DSR pilots – all 380 of them across the UK – get your request. Those available and nearby will, if they are able, get in touch and do their level best to locate your pupper and reunite you for cuddles.


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