The Drone Factor Startup Story

Drone Factor performs aerial surveys for corporate and domestic clients. We are also available to shoot cinematic film and photography for promotional use. We have 3D mapping services on offer that create accurate surveying and development models, along with image stitching methods that can create amazing maps of your sites.

“We spend time researching our industry and the future of it, so we all benefit from the freshest knowledge out there”

We started officially in April 2017, with 12 months experience flying drones behind us at the time. Our objective for the first year was to become a firmly rooted, knowledgeable and likeable business with lots to offer. We took off with the help of Wirral Chamber of Commerce’s Startup Team, the Enterprise Hub, based at the time at Pacific Road (eternal thanks to Lorraine, Alex and Jen!). At one point our business plan was 120 pages, with more than enough reading needing doing to understand the legalities and legislation that come with the territory. We reduced the size of the business plan.

We draw on years of experience in the creative, customer service and education sectors. We have solid, proven skills creating and teaching graphic and motion design, combined with technical photography know how and tech-savvy staff who push the limits of the systems to obtain the best results. Previous work in video production and sound recording studios across the northern hemisphere sets us in good stead for producing the high standard of work of which clients rightfully expect – our work in locations such as Whistler, Vancouver, Toronto, America, Tenerife, Liverpool and London backs up our claims.

Our in-depth knowledge of web design and mobile technology reinforces our knowledge when consulting, helping us to find the optimal solution for our client’s applications.

One (and a bit) years into our business, we no longer ‘feel like a startup’. We have solid links established with great clients, have been featured a number of times in local publications, we write for the Drone Safe Register (a national body of professional drone pilots in the UK and USA), and we are running workshops in the summertime for the Royal Photographic Society.

We supported the Wirral Kayak Challenge, creating stunning footage for use promoting the event next year and beyond, and have more to offer charities in the remainder of 2018 by way of unique content for promotion. We are speaking at colleges and conferences, highlighting drone technology in education and helping teachers integrate it in the curriculum. We are making waves, as we like to say.

We spend time researching our industry, and the future of it. We help out clients understand the technology we use, we don’t just show up, fly and leave. This helps everyone see the upcoming technology and what it’s capable of, and know it’s current limits. We enjoy the learning process and everyone we work with enjoys the benefit.

The three ingredients in our business recipe:
A combination of passion, confidence and knowledge.

We go into schools and update teaching staff on the content they can be creating that will prepare their learners for a drone – friendly future. There’s a lot to be said for letting kids know what options there are available to them in years to come; jobs that even we at Drone Factor are not even doing yet! We aim to drive the industry forward, creating the jobs for our future generations, securing their livelihoods and putting food on tables of people we may never know.

More recently we have started to explore how our work can have a postive effect with conservation efforts. We are piloting various schemes in the Northwest, and will be publishing our findings in due course. Our objective is to be zero carbon by Q4 2019, and we are already a long way toward that goal.

We look forward to continuing to work with our amazing clients, carrying out the most interesting and fulfilling tasks we have seen in our careers. If you want to work with us, in research or in business, send us and email to start the conversation.

Top image: Wilson Trophy Team Racing at West Kirby Marine Lake, 2017
(See how we make our aerial photography into artwork here)

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