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It’s safe to say that today was a hot one, and this sunset photograph is a nicely suitable way to remember it. The image above was captured this evening, as high tide and sunset coincided.  A rare day where the golden sun over the Irish Sea showers over the evening strollers around the Marine Lake on the tip of the Wirral.

The funny shaped lollipop poking out of the water is a radar reflector,designed to be visible in all weathers to ships coming into the Port of Mostyn

Docks over the water on the North Wales coast, and the fishing vessels that come by from Heswall and Parkgate.

If you are from the Wirral, you have likely heard someone say (probably recently) that we are incredibly lucky to live here. The weather, the access to the City, the relative calm of our lives in general away from the heat of politics (yes, we occasionally have our own from time to time!)… but nonetheless we are genuinely grateful for our surroundings.

If you are passing nearby the Wirral,
you should come and visit,
it truly is a hidden gem.

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