Wirral Kayak Challenge

Firstly, well done to all those who participated in the amazing Wirral Kayak Challenge of 2018 – you all deserve a pat on the back, but one that dodges the sunburned bits.

A truly brilliant achievement and a fab way to spend a summer Sunday on the beautiful Wirral coastline.

A massive thank you is in order to the team who organised – Mike and Gill, the core organizers of this event , along with the truly virtuous National Marine support that ultimately made this event safe, viable and possible for all.
A showcase of the sense of community our area has to offer! Hats off to all of you!

We promise you the video will be up soon, but we’re worn out from the event! The video is now up! Watch it here!

We are aiming to have the images and a video put together at the earliest opportunity; we already have one or two images out there on our facebook page and we will have a video released asap for you all to enjoy over on our youtube channel.

We have some time set aside this week to edit and release a highlight reel from the day – we can already say that the footage is simply wonderful. We’ll get images out as we create and edit the video, so watch out for them on the facebook page too.

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