Sparsholt Futures STEM Event

After a solid few weeks of travel across the UK, Europe and North America, Drone Factor is finally sitting still long enough to get charging batteries for the much anticipated STEM Futures event at Sparsholt College near Winchester, UK. Come and see the freshly built 3D map of the campus and learn how it was made and take away some inspiration!

Your host has a MSc in Drone Tech – learn from years of experience flying, building and pushing drones to their limits. With 1000’s of students from around the country set to arrive, it promises to be a busy day across the board! Come and see how the insides of drones work – maybe even be inspired to build your own using our detailed guide (ask about this on the day, and bring a USB stick!).

We have all kinds of mapping demonstrations ranging from security runs to rollercoaster visuals. Each group gets to vote on the route, so make sure you study the flightpath at the stand first! You can even vote to have some hands on, or build your own flight plan!

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