What is Drone Factor?

Welcome to Drone Factor – All your survey & cinematic services in one place.

We provide drone survey systems to Corporate clients, Agricultural businesses, Residential customers and we operate as filmmakers for those looking for promotional materials to boost business.

Through this enterprise we are embracing and developing new drone technologies and systems — making it easy and fast for homeowners, corporate clients and agribusinesses to get surveys carried out.

We will use drones (or Small Unmanned Aerial Systems or ‘SUAS’) and remotely operated cameras in conjunction with specially designed software and algorithms to quickly identify to roof damage, crop issues or structural issues. We can create 3D models using our systems and work with architects to visualize your plans!

If you are a homeowner or landlord:

Drone Factor provides a service that allows you to have the roof of your property surveyed quickly and safely, without ladders, intrusion or any privacy invasion. We will provide you with a series of quotes to suit your needs. Drone Factor will also be the nexus of reliable and competitively priced roofing repair specialists which will be able to accommodate the job you need doing in short order. Contact “Find Me A Roofer” today to request a survey and get your house fixed!

If you are a registered and insured roofer:

Find Me A Roofer” is a source that provides you with job opportunities over the internet. You will be able view video and high resolution photographs of roof issues. As a subscribed roofing affiliate, customer problems will be visible on the move via your smartphone and you can respond with quotes and time-frames for repair. You work in geographical areas you define, alongside no more than 4 other area specific roofers. This gives you the advantage of our technology and the clients rapid responses – this will get you more efficient business and to make peoples homes safe and dry.

If you operate in the Wirral, Merseyside or Cheshire area, feel free to get in touch to join  our affiliate network! Email us NOW!

As a newcomer to the site, you might want to check out our service breakdown that transparently explains costs for clients, homeowners and services professionals when we publish it.

Email us to register your interest.

We aim to have a survey carried out within 48 hours of your request.