Construction Forum Summer BBQ 2018

This week saw Drone Factor Ltd at the Thornton Hotel & Spa, with the powerhouse that is the Construction Forum of Wirral Chamber, with the event being hosted and sponsored by YPG Developments Ltd.

Presentations about the current (and future) plans for Birkenhead, Bromborough, Moreton and Wallasey were great to see. The speakers’ sound reasoning and explanations casting light on the plans, helping us all see the aims and objectives in redeveloping the somewhat run down parts of Birkenhead.

Image Credit: Peel Holdings

The phenomenal plans in motion with Muse Developments are looking fantastic, alongside the Wirral Waters project, primarily driven by Peel, are simply inspiring. This all gels nicely with the Wirral Visitor Economy Strategy, and The Wirral Visitor Economy Network which Drone Factor plan to join soon.

We are proud to say that our contribution, in collaboration with AKOM Creative came in the form of background images for YPG’s logotype, set on banners either side of the stage.

We very much look forward to continuing work with those we caught up with in the sunshine and warm breeze – a great way to discuss options and future plans with those in the know. Looking ahead to next year, we can’t wait to see the updates on what has been accomplished in the next twelve months!


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