What To Expect

Cinematics are not always an exact science, which is why we would like to explain our method before we arrive at the set.

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: We ask that you inform all your staff and visitors that there are Drones and video cameras on site and they are politely requested not to interact or distract pilots or crew — this includes talking to, going near (crossing cordons) or moving around pilots whilst they are operating. This constitutes a safety hazard and should the pilot or crew deem there to be any distraction the shoot may be cancelled or postponed at the clients expense. A half day rate is the minimum fee in this unlikely scenario.

Bookings and Payment


55% of the total package cost, to be paid 7 days in advance of the first shoot.
The remaining 45% is payable on completion, prior to final video file release. Alternatively, you are welcome to pay in full at the time of booking. We will provide a fully itemised invoice on receipt of full payment.

Example (excluding VAT):
A 3 minute promotional package is booked at a total cost of £695
> Itemised invoice provided.
> Initial payment of £382.25 is due 7 days prior to booking date.
Receipt provided.
> On completion of the second proof, prior to release of your full quality video, the remaining 45%, £312.75 is due.


Normally we work to a three week schedule, however if you do need production within a shorter time frame than this, do let us know at the first opportunity. Generally, we charge an additional 15% on top of our regular rates. We need a minimum of 1 weeks notice to carry out a shoot.
If your event is a live production, please let us know.
Our normal operating hours are 08:00 to 17:00. Seasonal variations do apply. Evening bookings are on application.

If you cancel, Drone Factor will refund 80% of the initial payment made (or equivalent). If we (Drone Factor) have to cancel, we will refund you the full amount you have paid to us and no more.

If the shoot is not viable due to weather or other circumstances outside of either parties control, we will refund you fully, minus any admin costs (bank transfer fees, etc).


48 hours ahead of the shooting date, we check the weather – we can be affected by the weather for outdoor shooting. If it looks suitable (no rain, no high winds) we confirm with your side that we are coming (usually via email). If it is not possible to fly, we will phone and email you to be sure we can arrange an alternative shoot. This is rare, but we must state that we cannot fly in adverse weather conditions. If your shoot is time sensitive, we may be able to make other arrangements, despite not being able to fly our Drones.


Half days are 4 hours, full days are 8 hours with a 30 minute break for lunch at the 4 hour mark – therefore, for a full day shoot we will be onsite for 8.5 hours.

Expect Drone Factor staff arrive at:

  • 08:00 for half days and full day shoots.
  • 13:00 for afternoon half day shoots.
  • Early morning and evening shoots are by request and may incur additional costs +10% on regular rates,  plus any additional insurance that may be needed.

Plan of Action

We do an initial inspection of the site. We have our own Health and Safety audit and pre-flight checks to complete (required by the Civil Aviation Authority). We also check the weather again. If we are shooting indoors, we will be checking for hazards that can be problematic when using high powered drones! For a list of what we’re looking for, please get in touch.

We plan and choreograph our filming routes for the drone(s). If there is anything that is not going to work, we’ll spot it during this assessment.

We also can get a feel for the production you are looking for, beyond your descriptions and briefs sent ahead of the shoot.  We will have time to talk it over as we inspect the site. This is the time to let us know any particular shots, angles, items or locations you want us to include. Any cast, objects or props are your responsibility to have ready on site. Cast are subject to the same constraints as other staff whilst we are operating.  Drone Factor will be onsite during the allocated times – we may not be able to wait for latecomers.

NB: It may help to write a list to serve as a reminder and for clarification. This can be emailed to us ahead of time if you wish.

This initial assessment should take around 30 minutes. Before any flights take place, compliance with Drone Factor must be ensured for everyone’s safety.

Following this assessment, we set up our equipment at the key points identified for the shoot to take place smoothly.

We begin capturing the initial shots — in particular the shots you/your team requested. Then we capture various ‘guidance’ and ‘filler’ shots.

We continue with the shoot until we are all happy we have what we need for the edit – that’s a wrap!


We make sure we have sufficient battery life of our systems for half day shoots, however we might need a power point to recharge some batteries approximately mid morning. For full day shoots we will definitely need a power point, so please point this out to us at the start of the day. If possible, please ensure this is in a secure location.


Providing you have furnished Drone Factor with the appropriate image files, music and other audio, we will be able to create your video within the times listed below. We allocate our time so that your footage is being edited within 48 hours of the shoot.

This means that you can expect to see an proof version (at 720p) online for:

  • 3 minute promotions: within 4 days
  • 10 minute promotions: within  6 days
  • 15 minute promotions: within 8 days

We allow 24 hours for your response for edits. If this is overstretched, your video finishing edit may be delayed.

Final edits are completed within 48 hours of receipt of your amendment requests. At this point, a final edition of the edit will be available to view online.

Getting your video files

Final video files are released once full and final payment has been made.

You can do whatever you wish with the final video, except put another pilot or production company logo anywhere on it or next to where it is displayed.

Final video files are not uploaded to the internet by Drone Factor but are provided to you (the client) on a USB stick for your storage and backup.

As stated on the rate card, duplicate video files are charged at a flat fee of £95.