Rates for 2018

Rates for 2018

If you have a specific brief in mind, please contact us via email with as much detail as possible to obtain an accurate quote.

If you are interested in reducing cost and using our services more,
take a look at our attractive monthly contract offers.

An £80 fee is requested before any flight planning goes ahead, and this is deducted from the total cost of the job.

Standard job rates*

Roof inspections – jobs will be individually appraised and costs agreed prior to inspections or flight planning being carried out.

  • £240 for  1 floor (eg: regular semi detached house) (minimum fee)
  • £320 for a 2 floor house (eg: Victorian town house, larger homes)
  • £400 for a larger house (eg: detached house with 850sqft footprint)
  • £600 large building inspections* (eg: warehouses, building sites, etc)
  • £POA for large industrial structure inspections*

Data captured is provided as-is on a USB stick or via the cloud (included in price). If you need enhanced images (or images stitching together) this is charged on a per job basis, at a minimum of £80. If you require additional services on the day, these will be agreed prior to execution.

Mapping** (Photogrammetry, orthomosaic map creation):
£160 for flight plan and site inspection, plus:

  • £8 per acre for 10 to 20 acres
  • £320 + £7 per acre for 21 to 40 acres
  • £460+ £6 per acre for 41 to 80 acres
  • £700 + £4 per acre 81 to 110 acres
  • £819 + £3 per acre 111 to 500 acres
  • £1,989 + £2 per acre 501 to 2000 acres
  • £4,989 + £1 per acre above 2000

If you have a larger area than this, please contact us for pricing and further information.

Video Capture Services
(usually applicable for production companies)

Half day (morning, 8 am to 12 noon) is £695

A full day (8 am to 5 pm, 30 mins for lunch) is £1295

Packages for multi-location shoots and specific target video lengths are available, contact us for more information and to arrange a discussion.

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* Standard rates apply within 100 miles (by road) of Chester.
**  Standard rates apply to flights and taskings that take up to 5 working days, beyond this time limit additional charges are applied.
N.B: We are insured to fly in most settings, however we will  carry out a Health and Safety check, create a risk assessment and site report for each job and location. If we deem it necessary, Drone Factor Ltd will inform you of any additional costs – for example additional insurance, unforeseen special equipment needed or repeat/return visits. Filming will only commence once any additional costs are agreed by both parties. Weather patterns will be checked 48 and 24 hours in advance. Prices quoted above include VAT and travel within 100 miles of Chester. Additional expenses for travel or overnight stay outside of this area will be agreed on a per-booking basis.