Night Operations

Drone Factor Ltd is now licenced to carry out commercial night operations – we have a number of methods to capture amazing aerial video and still shots whilst operating in darkness…

If you have an event on that runs until after dark, an epic firework display, mega bonfire or an overnight race challenge… get in touch!

For image licencing please email
[we do have some video clips in 4K too]

Mouse over the image to zoom in!

Mouse over the image to zoom in!

Kings Acre Site Showcase

We can produce lovely venue videos that highlight the space and shape of your site. We also provide coverage of weddings and special events. Contact us if you’re interested in booking us for a super elevated view of your event!

Wilson Trophy Day 1

A wonderful first day of racing at WKSC

Each year since the 1940s West Kirby Marine Lake has been home to the world leading Wilson Trophy: When the event started, team racing rules were not well defined and so special rules were drafted which form the basis of the rules which now govern dinghy team racing events all round the world.

This year we are being treated to 32 teams from the USA, Ireland and across the UK – Drone Factor wish everyone the best of luck! Continue reading “Wilson Trophy Day 1”

Stranger Drones

Sometimes we like to flex the creative muscle.

We provide motion graphics…

Did you like Stranger Things? We did. The titles were cool.

We made our own version of the intro! Share, comment and enjoy! “When winter sets in and we have some time to spare, I’ll fire up After Effects to create some flair, With layers, effects, and generators too, We’ll made some intro titles familiar to you.” Stranger things was one of the most anticipated shows to air this year; I was most interested in the titles – would they be different?

How could one improve on their clever simplicity? The music is directly lifted from the intro titles, sorry Netflix, but you know, this is fan art right? I searched for it and found it… wouldn’t have done it justice if I had made a MIDI version or just replicated the look alone….

Main section music is Daryl Hall & John Oates – Maneater – suited to the piece for two reasons:
1. There’s a man eater in the TV show and
2. They are 80’s era musicians.

All shot on DJI Mavic in locations across North Wales and Northwest England. Shots available on the Drone Safe Register Stock Footage website.