Introduction to Drone Factor Ltd

We’re efficient. We’re rapid. We’re dynamic. We are Drone Factor!

Everyone knows that Drones are becoming a must-have asset for projects. Their uses and efficiency are unsurpassed. For example, whilst assisting with Merseyside Search and Rescue, we were able to cover 40 acres in just 8 minutes!

We fly two top of the range UAV’s and we are building a much bigger and very exclusive drone for 2018. This means we’re able to do multiple flight missions at the same time to expedite the job, or be in more than one place at a time.

Back at base we have a dedicated office packed full with software and processing systems needed to crunch the numbers to generate 3D maps, and incredibly informative photogrammetry.

Cinematic Services

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(updated September 2017)

Drone factor aims to create the most stunning, smooth footage available; you have creative minds at your service, with the equipment to create your vision. The collective experience behind the Drone Factor team means you get industry standard, broadcast quality material that you will want to promote with, share and watch over and over again.

Drone Factor staff have worked on (and taught how to create) documentary films across the UK, Europe and Canada. Music videos, promotional materials suitable for social media and your businesses website are comfortably achievable within a short period of time.

Take a look at our Instagram page for some examples of our work with Drones

Search & Rescue

Drone Factor loves to help. That’s why we’ve reached out to the local Search and Rescue team in Merseyside (Where we live) to offer our services and assistance for incidents that come about. We’re learning how to help in the most effective ways, and the video below shows a snippet of one of our exploratory training sessions.

We’re getting a thermal camera later in the year. 

Part of the team that make up Merseyside Search & Rescue.

We are proud to be involved and aim to develop our relationship with the MERSAR team over the next few months to the point where we can assist with searches out in the active environment.

Insurance & Licencing

Did you know that if you use an uninsured pilot – regardless of their CAA licence status – that your own insurance (for house, business, public liability or vehicle) is void?

Drone Factor Ltd is FULLY INSURED.
We are insured for public liability up to £10 million.
That’s rather a lot, and we’ve got it!

Our equipment, although dear to us, is also properly insured.
If the worst happens, we are absolutely prepared to keep everyone in the area safe – that means that if we need to ditch into a lake, pond, tree or into the ground, we will.


As the CAA say: “Safety is no accident”