Build Your Own Drone – A Step by Step Guide

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Happy building!

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Have you wanted to build your own drone? This 13 page guide will help!

It costs a lot less to build a drone – just buying a £1000 DJI Mavic might be out of your budget. Building a drone is great fun – you learn about electronics, UAVs in general, and some programming along the way.

A full parts list with links to Amazon UK is at the bottom of this page, for those who want to get started right ordering parts right away!

This guide will take you from parts to completion (including software and calibration setup) of a DJI F550 Flamewheel Hexacopter Drone.

This guide is also suitable for a DJI F450 build, or any aircraft system with a NAZA M v2 flight controller.

Below is a sample from the guide: a high quality, high resolution step by step visual process with detailed notes and explanations.


Here’s another, for good measure:

Part links

(Links to Amazon products are for ease of use, and are not necessarily the cheapest source!)

Naza Flight Controller

Motors (you’ll need 6 for the Hexacopter F550)

Baseboard and Topboard

The ENTIRE aircraft kit in one

Landing legs (if you want them, recommended)

Mega landing gear kit

Controller (FrSky X9D used in the guide, but feel free to use another!)


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